Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts

The ‘podcast’ is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, so much so, it feels like everyone is doing one.  While a lot of them are full of valuable information or just entertaining, there are so many listening hours in the day.  So we’ve hunted down the top real estate podcasts for Australian agents in 2019:

The Mat Steinwede Podcast

Mat Steinwede is one of Australia’s most high profile agents with a story that has seen him go from homeless and drug addicted to the successful agent he is today.  In his podcast, he shares some of the very valuable lessons he has learnt along his journey.

With a 5 star rating, some of the comments from listeners include; 

  • ‘Real, genuine, ego-less and a pleasure to listen to and learn from.’
  • ‘Mat’s ability to connect with people is second to none.  The content that he delivers can help anyone at any stage in their life.’
  • ‘Some really good pieces of motivation, lots of laughs and easy to listen to.’

Elevate - The official podcast of Elite Agent

Elevate is a real estate podcast featuring real estate coaches, industry news, market analysis, exclusive interviews and more.  And Elevate now provide ‘action guides’ from the podcasts in case you don’t have time to listen to an episode but don’t want to miss out on the goodness.  In their words…  ‘we like to over deliver’ and based on the comments from listeners, Elite Agent are definitely doing that.

Comments from listeners include;

  • ‘The variety of speakers, most of which you rarely hear from, make it really interesting if you have any aspirations of doing well in the industry!’
  • ‘Always great content and an enjoyable listen with Mark & Sam’
  • ‘Amazing content and information!  Keep up the good work!’

The Elephant in the Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate

The Elephant in the Room sees Veronica Morgan, real estate agent, and Chris Bates, financial planner, talk to property owners and buyers every day in their respective lines of business. They are both fascinated by consumer behaviour so in this podcast they get into the psyche of buyers, agents, auctioneers and other industry experts to learn the truth about how buyers are influenced and why they do the things they do. In every episode you’ll learn from the mistakes of a “property dumbo” as well as Chris & Veronica’s “elephant rider boot-camp” training session.  Not only is it useful for your own learning but for that of your clients.

Another 5 star rated podcasts that receives feedback such as the following;

  • ‘My favourite podcast – I’m relatively new to the real estate industry but have learned so much from this podcast that I feel like a veteran…’
  • ‘Thank you for this fantastic podcast!  I love the intelligent discussion that really delves into the topics in a way that no other podcast does.’
  • ‘Digs deep into a wide variety of real estate matters with topic based interviews from industry members.  Very interesting listening and a great way to learn more about real estate.’

7 Figure Attraction Agent

Tom Panos is well known for keeping his message simple, powerful and effective.  In this podcast series, touted as ‘hands down one of the best real estate podcasts for Australian agents’ by PropertyMe, Tom features top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand, delving into their strategies for writing seven figures year after year and translating these into tips and trick to grow your real estate business.

Customer reviews for this podcast include;

  • ‘Always great listening to the best coach in Australia share his experience and content not just on real estate but life.’
  • ‘Couldn’t have found anyone better to structure my business around.’
  • ‘Great podcast.  Educational and motivational.  Accessibly at any time and a great way to utilise driving time.’

Secrets of the Top 100 Agents - Real Estate Business

Hosted by Tim Neary, editor of Real Estate Business, the premise of this podcast is pretty obvious… it features Real Estate Business’ Top 100 Agents!  It delves into what sets them apart to have become some of the most successful real estate agents in Australia – their habits, practices and beliefs.  

Reviews from listeners to this podcast include;

  • ‘Great to hear all the talented agents around the country share tips and strategies.  Keep up the good work.’
  • ‘Highly recommended for all agents to have a listen!’
  • ‘Really enjoying REB. Like the real world insights.’

As an agent, growth is essential – whether it’s business or personal growth.  This list of podcasts does well to address both areas of your life, as usually, one comes with the other. The beauty being you can be learning and growing while filling in that time you are on the road, getting ready in your mornings or winding down in your evenings.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post.
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