Get Photoboards at
Stockboard Prices

Current data suggests that it’s the best time to utilise Photoboards over Stockboards.
This is happening due to the recent increase of local foot-traffic, where potential buyers are able to see photos of the listed properties.
We would like to help you sell more properties, especially during these uncertain times. So, we worked out a way we can offer you portrait Photoboards (1800x1200mm) for the standard price of Stockboards!
It gets better…
All these Photoboards will come boosted with the rvR technology which enables you to have an open home from your sign.
sign boards promo
What is in it for your Buyers?

☑️ The ability to have a virtual open home experience via the signboard with rvR technology
☑️ Wow factor cutting-edge exclusive technology
☑️ Very easy to use
☑️ Compatible to any device

Agent, what is in it for you?

☑️ Stand out to gain that competitive edge
☑️ Capture the attention of potential buyers
☑️ Enhance buyer’s interaction
☑️ Deliver richer user experience to prospects by providing highly interactive content that’s easily accessible
☑️ Increase your buyers’ interest and engagement
☑️ Be mobile and highly accessible with rvR; smartphones are always on the palm of your buyer’s hands

Supercharge your listing and sell more properties!

Please note that this promotion has expired on June 30, 2020. However, we’d love to help you out.

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