Discover why professional real estate photography is crucial for winning listings and selling properties.

Learn about the types of photography every real estate agent should be using in today’s age, and powerful add-ons to further improve your game.

Professional Real Estate Photography: 

The Key to Winning Listings and Selling Properties

As a real estate expert, you know how important it is to have quality photographs to showcase your listings.

In today’s digital age, where most vendors and buyers start their search online, the quality of the images used to market a property can make or break the success of your sale. It’s crucially recommended that real estate agents invest in professional photography services. However, not all professionals in this industry fully understand the power of professional photography in real estate, and all available variances within photography that will up your real estate game.

Here is a breakdown of photography services every real estate agent should be taking advantage of in order to maximise presence to vendors and buyers without making additional efforts.

Daylight Photography: Daylight photography is the most common type of real estate photography.

This style of photography captures images of a property during the day when there is plenty of natural light.

It is essential to use high-quality equipment and the right techniques to capture the property’s best features.

Professional photographers use a wide-angle lens to capture the room’s entire space and showcase the property’s most attractive features.

Twilight Photography: Twilight photography is a type of photography that is done during the “golden hour,” which is the period shortly before sunset.

During this time, the natural light has a warm and inviting feel, which can make the property appear more inviting.

Twilight photography adds a touch of elegance and creates a mood that can make a property stand out from the rest.

Aerial (Drone) Photography: Aerial photography is a type of photography that captures images of the property from above, using a drone.

This style of photography is especially useful for showcasing a property’s size & surrounding areas and highlighting nearby landmarks and proximity to schools, etc.

Aerial photography can also capture unique angles of the property, which can make it stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Agent Profile Photography: In addition to property photography, real estate agents should also invest in professional profile photography.

The agent’s profile photograph is often the first impression that potential clients have of the agent.

It is essential to have a professional, high-quality photograph that conveys trust, competence, and approachability.

Digital De-Clutter: Digital de-clutter is a process that involves removing unwanted items from photographs.

Professional photographers use this technique to make the property look more spacious and tidy.

Digital de-clutter can also remove items that may be distracting to potential buyers, such as personal photos or cluttered countertops.

Virtual Furniture Staging: Virtual furniture staging is a process that involves adding furniture to the photographs.

This technique can help potential buyers visualize what the property would look like if it were fully furnished.

Virtual furniture staging can also help showcase the property’s best features and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Twilight Photography Conversion: Twilight photography conversion is a technique used to convert daylight photographs into twilight photographs.

This technique can save real estate agents time and money by avoiding scheduling a separate twilight photoshoot when the agent only requires one twilight photo to be taken.

Twilight photography conversion is capable of creating that consistent look and feel across the property’s photographs.

In conclusion, professional photography is an essential tool for real estate agents looking to thrive and expand their success.

High-quality photographs help agents win more listings and stand out from the competition.

Daylight photography, twilight photography, aerial photography, and real estate agent profile photography are all important aspects of professional real estate photography.

Additionally, digital de-clutter, virtual furniture staging, and twilight photography conversion can help enhance the property’s photographs and make them more appealing to potential buyers, as well as assist with winning more listings by showcasing work quality and accuracy of recent listings.

Real estate agents who invest in professional photography services will have a significant advantage in today’s competitive market.

If you are interested in learning more about how photography can help you achieve your goals or would like to book a marketing session with a professional real estate photographer, call us directly at 07 5492 5901.


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