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open2view safe service

With the COVID-19 outbreak escalating worldwide, we continue to monitor the situation closely and operate based on the advice from the World Health Organisation and the Australian and New Zealand Governments and are working within the current Alert Levels of both countries. Our organisation has implemented the following protocols to protect the health and safety of not only our team members, but also you, our valued customers.

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND – We are fully operational and available to carry out all of our specialist services at properties. Our teams will be working within our Open2view Safe Service guidelines, with health and safety front of mind at all times. Please contact your local Open2view Area Manager with any questions you may have.
Helping with prevention

First and foremost we have advised all of our team members that if they feel unwell or are showing any symptoms that they DO NOT visit any offices or properties. They should remain at home and contact their health provider immediately for further advice and testing. For our team members who are able to operate safely within their State/Country Alert Level, the following protocols have been put in place over and above our standard good hygiene practices to help inhibit any potential viral spread between properties:

Before we shoot

With such a quickly evolving situation, we acknowledge that there will be concerns from vendors and potential buyers. We are ready to work with you to understand those concerns and execute your desired approach when carrying out our services. We also ask for your cooperation in making your vendors aware of the following things they should do to prepare their property for photography and help us continue to achieve outstanding results:

  • Open all blinds, drapes, doors, and windows at the property to ensure maximum airflow
  • De-clutter rooms, clear away personal items
  • Clean down / sanitise hard surfaces, countertops, door handles, etc.

For a detailed checklist of how to prepare a home for professional photography, download our guide here.

Satisfaction guarantee and continuity of service

We are committed to providing exceptional solutions and services to all of our customers.

Our Nationwide Network of Media Specialists enables us to provide coverage across all areas, so if a situation does arise whereupon your current Open2view representative is unavailable, another team member will be ready to step in and complete the service for you.

If you have any concerns, we encourage you to speak with your local Open2view Area Manager or call our office in Queensland on 7 5492 5901.

Below are a selection of helpful PDF resources to help you get through COVID-19
Protect yourself and others from COVID-19
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