Signboard Rental Terms & Conditions

1. All signboards remain the property of Open2view Sign Services unless otherwise stated. This shall be conveyed by the Agent/Agency to the vendor where the signboard is being installed to avoid confusion as to ownership at the end of the advertising period.

2. Signboards may NOT be modified in any way including drilling into the signboard or items being affixed to causing damage to the signboard. The agent will be notified of any damage to signboards and will be invoiced accordingly.

3. The initial invoice for signboard hire is subject to the return of the signboard in its original undamaged condition. Where a signboard is returned damaged, the agent may incur an additional cost. Where a signboard is not returned, the agent will be liable for the full replacement cost.

4. The initial rental invoice covers a term of up to a maximum of 180 days rental of the board from date of installation. After this initial rental period, an additional fee will be incurred for every 90 days thereafter.

5. Open2view Sign Services will endeavour to place the signboard in the best possible position when no installation instructions are given by the agent or vendor. If a signboard needs to be moved after being installed in such an instance, a re-allocation fee will be charged to the agent to cover costs incurred.

6. Open2view Sign Services will endeavour to place the signboard as close as possible to instructions received, however will also take into account any utility service points, utility company regulations and council by-laws.

7. It is the responsibility of the agent to obtain body-corporate approval or any other approval required to install the signboard. Open2view Sign Services accepts each order on the basis that all prior approvals have been received by the agent. Any additional call-out or modification costs will be passed on to the agent.

8. Open2view Sign Services is not liable for any fine or cost issued by the council where the appropriate permit or approval has not been obtained by the client.

9. No person may move or alter the signboard in any way, unless authorised by Open2view Sign Services.

10. Open2view Sign Services reserves the right to remove any signboard at any time to prevent or limit damage to its property.

11. Open2view Sign Services reserves the right to remove any signboard where the terms of account have been exceeded on that specific invoice. In this instance, an additional installation fee will be charged for re-installed signs.

12. All price list charges include installation and travel up to a maximum of 40kms. Any installation that exceeds this distance may incur additional travel fees.

13. Open2view Sign Services reserves the right to charge for excessive cleaning of signboards to remove adhesives from signboards where agents use stickers supplied by a third party.

14. The initial rental fee includes a design component that allows for 2 proofs and changes. Any design costs thereafter will be charged out at $25 per proof.

15. It is the agent’s responsibility to request the removal of the board in a timely manor to reduce the likelihood of loss or damage to the board. Failure to do so may incur additional costs.

16. All overdue accounts shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month, calculated on a daily basis from the due date for payment.

17. The Client shall be liable for all costs incurred in collecting or attempting to collect overdue amounts from the Client, including but not limited to debt collection fees and legal costs on a solicitor-client basis.

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